Lake House


Private Residence
Wānaka, Aotearoa  New Zealand
Status ︎ Concept Design

Built from primarily prefabricated elements, this house advances the idea that efficient off-site construction methods can produce highly crafted and customised outcomes.

The planning requirement for a flat roof created an opportunity for the ceiling to become the defining element engaging the mountain setting, producing an ever-changing internal environment.

The bedrooms are designed to feel both contained and expansive. This is achieved through the combination of a floating roof and framed view.

Cabinetry built into the perimeter walls of the house amplifies this feeling, creating deep reveals to exaggerate the window frame and protect the glazing from excessive solar heat gain.

As the house recedes into the landscape, its monolithic and carved form visually accords with the buildings of this region while being constructed in an entirely different, lightweight manner.